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is an Artist and Digital Designer located in Bangladesh, Sweden, Portugal Lisboa. Specializing in Film, Post Production, Animation, VFX, and Digital Design.

My Journey

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

I was born in Bangladesh in 1979 and I have been working in the creative industry since 1999. Since my childhood I am very passionate about painting and story writing, I started my career journey as a Designer. Then I was truly moved and inspired by the DreamWorks movie Antz. I started to learn animation and also got attached to motion Graphics. In Bangladesh, I am a pioneer in the Animation and VFX Effect Industry. I do most of the animation for Television Commercial and Corporate Audio Visual and I have had work for some of the well-known short films production in Bangladesh.

 By the end of 2001, I started my own company “MONKEY”. Monkey is a Full-fledged production house, At that time I started Video TV Commercials. Most of the TV Commercials we shoot in 35MM film, that was the time when I learned Visual Effect and Composition, it was challenging for me and my team to integrate the CGI footage with 35mm Film Footage with such a small resource. After all the struggle and hard work, my company ‘Monkey’ was established as the best VFX Production House in Bangladesh. We worked for almost all the big National and Multinational Companies in Bangladesh.

In 2010, I joined as a partner in an animation company Digimo, then we started R&D to do Realtime Character Animation with game engines and motion capture, we also developed Realtime face capture. We have many character animated TV Commercials. 

Around the end of 2018, Digimo started a Digital Agency, I was the Creative Director. We cracked lots of new ideas and strategies for our clients in social media promotion and branding. I also do some rebranding and corporate guidelines for my clients in Canada and Sweden.

In 2019, I moved to Sweden for my wife’s further study purposes. I started to work as a Creative Director and Social Media Manager for SweToner in Sweden, Norrkoping. I also directed some video production for some restaurants and created Social Media promotion videos for SweToner clients.

Then in 2020, I moved to Portugal with my family after staying in Sweden for a year. After so many months of lockdown during the Pandemic, we went to Portugal for a short family vacation and I fell in love with the weather and the people around. I already have many friends living in Portugal which made it easy for me to decide to move here permanently.

Now as an Artist, I will be more satisfied to work in the creative field. Working in the creative field will allow me to be more focused and work passionately.


I started my career with Visual Soft and very soon I was the Head of the Animation Department as it was the first and the pioneer Animation Company in Bangladesh.


3D Animator and Designer

I started my career with Visual Soft and very soon I was the Head of the Animation Department as it was the first and the pioneer Animation Company in Bangladesh. 


3D Generalist  

Monkey was born by the end of 2001, being one of the founders, my strategy was to work in the Video and Animation Productions that were getting outsourced from Bangladesh, 


Creative director

I started with DiGIMO as a working partner to develop their business in Character Animation and Digital Marketing. We created a Research and Development team to do real-time character animation with motion capture system with Unreal Engine. 


Digital Designer

In August 2019, I started to work as Designer and Social Media Manager with SweToner in Sweden, Norrköping. I explored a new section of digital marketing in Swetoner. Swetoner used Digiom as a brand name for their client’s digital marking (

my Skills

I have been in this Creative Industry for more than 20 years. Art and Sculpture always fascinated me from childhood, this was my driving force and thus began my journey.

  • DIGITAL Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphic
  • Colorist
  • VFX 

Digital Design

Designing is my passion. I love to create new ideas & implement them with my Designs.

20 years of experience in using tools like Photoshop, illustrator, & Indesign to do Desktop Design, I use Adobe XD and DIVI for Apps UX and Website design. Using Canva for social media posts & web banners. I hand draw for organic illustrations and character design. As a new trend, I also do 3d illustration & surrealistic environments, I use Cinema 4D and Unreal engine.   



In 2000, I started Cell drawing 2d Animations, 3D Animation for Product Animations. Initially used  3Ds Max And Maya but after 2010 switched to Cinema 4D, it’s faster with easy workflow & renders. As an ADFilm maker, to meet the deadline shift to C4D. I started UE4 for 3d architecture video and interactive walkthrough. Use Autodesk Autocad for transferring the file to UE4I own a wireless Motion Capture System, used in real-time character animation with UE4. Also, used an iPhone X inflater camera for real-time face capture.


I am personally a huge fan of Motion Graphics, I do motion graphics with Adobe After effect & some time to integrate 3d motion elements I use Cinema 4D mograph, working in Motion Graphics genre explainer video excites me. 

I do character animation to explain product and service with After Effect plugins Duik Bassel.2 and AE Script. Text Animation is also fun-loving work. It’s so simple but it’s so challenging to do new ideas in the text and title animation. Using lots of AE Script for making Flude text Animation.


As an artist I am always very conscious about the Color Harmony, Color is the last touch of any Post-production and also very important to integrate the real footage and 3D Rendered files. I was not always so happy with the final result of the VFX shots so I started learning Composition, Color Correction & Color Grading, after a big release of Davinci resolve it made my life easy. Since 2014, I am using Davinci resolve for color grading and finessing.I did more than 200 successful TVC Color corrections.


I was one of the first to introduce VFX in Bangladesh, for a TV commercial ‘Citycell’ Start 2 Copy. Visual Effect is all about my work. I am a specialist in Photoreal, Digitally-Generated imagery. 

My primary tool for VFX is Adobe After Effect. But also use Blackmagic Fusion. I use PFTrack and Cinema 4d for 3D tracking. For masking and Rotoscoping use Mocha Pro, color match use Black Magic Davinci resolve. I do more than 500 VFX based TV commercials and one Full-length Feature Film (Bhuban Majhi).


Interactive is a new trend of storytelling. UE 4 changes the whole perception of interactive storytelling. A big release of UE4 2014 I started using UE4 scenes 2015. I use UE4 for the clients to provide  Architectural Virtual walkthrough and Virtual Reality interactive to their customers to feel the virtual space in real-time. UE4 has made 3D Architectural walkthrough photorealistic in the realtime render. Also, UE4 is the best for 3d Interactive product Display & event. I do experiment with UE4 for virtual Production


I am working scenes 1999, these 20 years of the creative journey I do many works, I share some of the good works. Alos you find my works on Vimeo & Behance

My Showreel 1999 - 2000

This is some of my video production montages, there are some of my directed TV commercials and some of them I work for the VFX and Animations for other directors and Ad Agency world wide.

Let’s Create Something New 

Quazi Farhad Ahmed

Ks Fahim rescued me from a tough situation. An abundance of thanks and much appreciation for his assistance. He is very easy to work with, proficient, and smart. Ks Fahim turned tasks around that were well past due from past planners and revised issues that should have been made so he was all prepared. He likewise settled site issues in under an hour and arranged advanced advertising pieces just as page considerations and print materials… all similarly very much planned and prompt.

Quazi Farhad Ahmed


I simply needed to state thank you for the entirety of the great work you accomplished. From the earliest starting point, it has been an outright joy working with Kazi Fahim. Our logo idea and marking thought were new, perfect, and exactly what we were searching for. Speaking with you was simple, you made changes rapidly and followed bearings well. I was unable to be more upbeat or dazzled with the result of our task. Link

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